New Project – Reverie
Oct 30th, 2009 by AlexWeldon

Having recently decided to make a split and treat game art as my job and game development as a hobby, I’ve started a new project, more experimental than previous ones. The working title is Reverie, and I’d call it a roguelike, though it has less to do with the Big Four (Nethack, Crawl, ADOM and *band) than they do with one another. For one thing, it’s intended to be much shorter, beatable in a single sitting. For another, pretty much all the numbers will be hidden from the player – the game will be much more narrative and less about min-maxing than other roguelikes, and many things about it will be intentionally mysterious to the player.

That being the case, I don’t want to say too much about it, but because I love procedural generation so much, I wanted to share some examples of the maps that are generated for the huge forest in which most of the game will take place. My top priorities were to have lots of connectivity to encourage exploration, and a very organic feel, unlike the blocky dungeons that are most familiar to players of roguelikes.

Anyway, here are three maps (the lower one of which has been magnified 2x). Black pixels are impenetrable trees, light green is open grass, the two darker shades of green represent different densities of brush, and the yellow lines are dirt paths.


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