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New website launched!


Bene Factum has had a complete makeover; the old site is no more, and this new one is better in almost every possible way! If this is your first time here, please click the “About this Site” link in the navigation bar for a bit of an introduction to me, my work and what you’re going to find on this site.

Aside from the obvious visual improvements made, there are a few important things to know about the new site. Firstly, it is now completely WordPress driven. What this means is that every subsection of the site works like its own little blog; if you click the Board Games link, for instance, you’ll see the full details about my most recently-released game, shorter blurbs for those that came out earlier, and a link to take you to the archives if you’re looking for something older still. You can also leave comments or questions on almost any piece of content you find on the site. Better still, you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the entire site, so you’ll be informed whenever new content is added, regardless of the category.

The other important thing to note is that I’ve decided to separate my game-related and artistic careers; you’ll no longer find my art and design portfolio on this site. A second website will go live soon to serve as a professional website for my freelance services. The two sites will, of course, link to one another, but I feel it makes sense to keep them separate, as not everyone who is interested in one of my fields is necessarily interested in the other.

How do you feel about the redesign? Feel free to leave comments or criticisms, or make suggestions for further improvement!

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